Life can be really tough for some people. I know I was there too, I feel your pain. But it doesn’t have to be that way, with some simple changes, your life can totally turn around and be amazing. I really do love my life now and I want YOU to LOVE your life too! Come and join me on an adventure of a lifetime.

Success always start with a dream, you make a decision

Lorene is a speaker, author, coach and mentor. She helps women find direction, moving forward to live a balanced fulfilling amazing life by identifying their gifts, strengths and reconnecting with their passions and purpose to make them feel alive.

With Your Relationships

With your relationships, ask yourself if the way you are being treated is that of a person who is truly loved and respected? If the answer is yes, then that is wonderful; however, if the answer is no, take a step back and have a look. Make sure you’re brutally honest though.

With Your Future

Make a decision on how you want your life to look in the future and what behaviours you will need to have or maybe change to obtain this. Make a mental vision of this in your mind and keep this as a focus for your future life. This may only be a feeling, not a full vision, but that is fine. Just start changing your mind to look towards the positive.

Lorene’s Mission

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Lee Cummins from Coffee Chat interviewed Lorene for her radio show Coffee Chat.They spoke about her Book Stupid Crazy Love, the effects of abuse, narcissism, how to overcome domestic abuse by learning the lessons given to us through life.They also talked about moving forward and changing our thoughts, beliefs, mindset, choices we make and how that affect our lives in the future.

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Crazy Stupid Love: Unlocking life’s lessons

by Lorene Roberts


Swapping an emotionally abusive mother for an abusive husband seemed to be a natural thing to do and even when all the alarm bells were ringing loudly Lorene was powerless to do anything about it.

Lorene’s story is very typical of how some women live in abuse for a very long time, but her victory in overcoming abuse is inspirational. She believes if she could do it, so can anyone else. “This is my second chance at life. I am grabbing it with all my strength and making it wonderful. I want you to do the same.”

The keys to success always start by:

  • Dreaming
  • Making a decision
  • Embracing life by taking action
  • Making massive changes happens by taking simple steps
  • Following your passions
  • Saying yes to things will make your new life the ultimate dream

Lorene’s story will awaken awareness within your own life and situations that are challenging you. Get your hands on these insights and lessons to help you avoid making similar mistakes. Lorene loves helping women who are confused, lost or unfulfilled, to reinvent themselves, uncover their path, and build their dreams… even if they have no idea where to start.

Lorene Roberts was born on a farm in country Victoria, raised as an only child she moved to Melbourne at age 5. She had been isolated and never socialised as a child, so struggled at school trying to fit in socially. Her mother was very controlling, manipulative and neglected her emotional needs, so when at the age of 18, met the man of her dreams who controlled and manipulated her life, she fell head over heals in mad crazy love for him. Married at 20, she had swapped her narcissistic mother for a narcissistic husband.

“I believe there are universal lessons for each of us to learn and every bit of my journey was critical for the development of who I am today. It is my responsibility to learn these lessons, and until I do, they will repeat themselves in all sorts of different ways till I do.”

You may ask me, “Would I ever want anyone to go through what I did?”, and the answer is definitely no, but each of us has our own individual lessons in life and what I am hoping is that if I can help just one person change their life through the lessons in my story, by reducing what they go through or by helping them understand what happened in their life, and feeling that they are not alone in this life, then it was well worth the effort writing this.” said Lorene.

Crazy Stupid Love is Lorene’s first book, she assures us there is a powerful workbook in the pipeline that gives us reliable tools to get results that guarantee changes in our life, reinventing who we are.


The Book: Crazy Stupid Love

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